When most divers consider buying dive equipment they do not think about a very important item that is easy to buy but overlooked but can greatly enhance your dive experience. Molded scuba mouthpiece, there are lots of options, one company is SeaCure at A moldable “and remoldable” mouthpiece offset for both the upper and lower jaw positions means a more comfortable dive especially for kids and.

Windy Weather

Windy weather but still great diving, its been a bit windy of late but that has not effected the diving with viability ranging from 60ft to 150ft all week. We have seen Sharks, Eagle Rays, Sting Rays, Lobsters, Eels, Turtles Galore and lots and lots of fish its been a great dive week. So looking forward to this weeks dives..

All Set

We have updated our website, all maintenance is nearly complete and we are getting out the boats looking for new dive sites.  You may ask yourself, you already have 7 wrecks, 20 reefs & 5 wall dives is that not enough?  As you know we have a love of Anguilla's waters and a sense of adventure that always pushes us to find fun and exciting options for our clients..