Terms and Conditions

  • Cancellation policy: Due to the exclusive service that we provide to our clients, all cancellations and/or reservations changes can harm our business. Therefore: all other cancellations and/or reservation changes made less than 24 hours prior to the confirmed date and time of the booking for any reason whatsoever, will result in the ​loss of the payment in full.  We do thank you for your understanding.
  • Diving as a certified diver: All certified divers must show proof of certification. This is required to dive as a certified diver, if you forget to bring it with you we will do our best to look you up on line, however failure to be able to prove certification will result in you not being able to dive as a certified diver and forfeiture of your payment in full.
  • Padi Instruction: You will be required to complete a medical and liability release in order to complete any padi courses, should you have any medical issues or concerns on eligibility, please inquire if this will affect you diving prior to booking any services.
  • Once Padi Instruction Has Begun: Due to allocation of instructors, should you fail to show up for an appointment or request a change of date and/or time less than 48 hrs prior to the confirmed date and/or time for any part of your padi instruction, we reserve the right to charged an additional 200.00 usd rescheduling fee per person additionally to the cost of the course, for us to reschedule you.
  • Use of Cameras: It is both a padi and rstc (recreational scuba training council) standard not to allow students or the instructors conducting a padi discover scuba, padi scuba diver or padi open water course to use any form of camera equipment including hands free cameras like “gopro” while diving as your safety is the primary concern. Certified divers however may use camera equipment if they desire at any time.
  • Person Not Eligible: As you comfort and safety is paramount, we do not carry life vests for children under two yrs of age. Also due to the nature of our services, women more than 5 months pregnant are not allowed on our vessels, we also reserve the right to not allow any persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol on our vessels. We thank you for your understanding and should you have any questions please contact us at the time of booking.

All prices as per website.