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Thank you for a great scuba diving experience last week! These were my first dives after having received my PADI/OWD certificate and I was not especially confident to start with. However, I quickly gained confidence thanks to the way you instructed me. Before this I was not completely convinced Scuba diving would be something for me – now I am 🙂 These dives made a difference for me – Scuba diving is now something I will definitely continue doing!

Mia Eklundh
25th November 2011

My wife Meghan and I spent our honeymoon in Anguilla during the second/third weeks of August. After being recommended by various staff at the Viceroy and Cap Juluca hotels, we ventured to Shoal Bay and met you and your incredible staff. We started out with the intention of simply renting some snorkeling gear for the afternoon and checking out the reef right off shore.
A week later we had done the Discovery Scuba course, our first real dive (with an instructor), and the snorkeling/lunch trip to Prickly Pear. What an amazing adventure! You and your teams exceptional knowledge of of diving and enthusiasm about the Anguillian diving areas is infectious. Being a first time diver myself (my wife is already PADI certified), this experience really opened my eyes to a new world down under. I’m currently about to begin my PADI certification courses back in the states and hope to come back to Anguilla soon to dive with you again.
All the best!

Kent & Megham MacWiliams
25th August 2011

Our Anguillan vacation experience was enhanced significantly by diving with you, and your efficient and friendly team.
We especially enjoyed our family wreck dive, something to remember forever. It was our hope, when Claudia and I became certified that we would be able to enjoy scuba diving as a whole family, and diving with you was our first proper time doing that, with all of us fully certified. The extra support you offered us, to build mine and Claudia’s confidence, in our early stages, made all the difference, and we can’t wait to do it again.
It is evident from the beginning that you operate in an extremely safe, professional and efficient way, supporting divers of every level.
A big thank you to you, Metro, Pete from Steve, myself, Olivia and Claudia

Debby Cowley
21st July 2011