Private Diving Adventures

Experience The Best Of Anguilla's SeaLife On Your Own Private Vessel.

The ultimate dive adventure awaits you, on your own private dive charter for both certified and non-certified guests, passengers , sightseeing, and snorkelers can also join you on this adventure, our experience staff will show you the best Anguilla has to offer, we will discuss dive and snorkel sites with you on the day and in conjunction with your wishes, pick the wreck and or reef dives that you most want to see, on a private boat, the choice is yours!  

Anguilla offers 7 sunken purposely shipwrecks, 20+ Reef Dives,  sites ranging in depths from 40ft to 100 ft in depth that we can dive throughout

the year, so you have a lot of options to choose from, we will discus dive-sites with you on the day just prior to your dive adventure an together,  we will pick dive sites or snorkel spots that best suits your needs and the needs of your group,  to ensure you get the mos from your experience with us, what might you see;

All equipment is included, just bring 2 towels per person, we do all the heavy lifting, including setting up dive equipment, all you have to do is sit back

and relax while enjoying the Anguilla waters while making vacation memories. 

Non-diving passengers or snorkelers in your group are welcome to come along at no additional charge.    Please note that the best dive sites are not the best snorkel sites, so to give you the best dive experience, we normally visi snorkel sites either between dives or after the dives like Pelica Bay or Little Bay, you can also see landmarks like Face in Wall, The Arch or

jump the Little Bay rock.

Yo can also choose to extend your trip and add a stop off at the offshore keys of Prickly Pear or Sandy Island for Lunch, on a private dive/snorkel charter the choice is yours!!!!!.


* Rates are per person in USD

* Offered daily subject to availability.

* Private Dive Boat includes non-divers only; each diver is charge detailed below

* No Charge for passengers/snorkelers 

* Equipment is included.

* We depart from our Scuba Shack located at Roy’s Bayside Grill in Sandy Ground. 


Private One tank Dive @ 750.00 USD for the boat. 

  • This is a one tank dive ( 1 location ) but as the boat is yours for upto 2 hrs. , you may well have time to also do some additional snorkeling and or sightseeing .

Private Two tank Dive @ 1000.00 USD for the boat. 

  • This is a two-tank dive ( 2 locations ) but as the boat is yours for upto 4 hrs. , you may well have time to also do some additional snorkeling and or sightseeing .

Private Full Day Experience @ 1800.00 USD for the boat. 

  • The boat is yours from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, but you can start when you like, you can dive from 1-3 dives, stop for lunch, go snorkeling or sightseeing the choice is all yours.


Once you paid the base rate above, you just add the following if applicable:   

  • Add: 1 tank dive ( certified) @ 120.00 per certified diver
  • Add: 2 tank dive ( certified) @ 200.00 per certified diver
  • Add: 3 tank dive (certified on full day only) add 300.00 per certified diver.
  • Add:  1 tank Discover Scuba 250.00 per non-certified diver
  • Add: 2 tank Discover Scuba @ 400.00 per non-certified diver
  • Add: 2nd Additional dive guide just add 200.00 on 1 tank dive, 400.00 on a 2-tank dive or 600.00 for the day.
  • Additional hrs. @ 250.00 per hr. (not guaranteed and subject to availability)
  • Can Add PADI Courses to your Private Dive, please whatsApp us for options.


In the late 1980s, a total of seven ships were re-floated, towed off the north coast of Anguilla and scuttled in 60ft (18m) to 80 ft (22m) of water. If you only dive one day, you must dive one of our seven (7) steel hull freighters that have been sunk by the Govt. of Anguilla as dive sites. These wrecks host a myriad of marine life including Turtles, Stingrays, Eagle Rays, Hog fish, Groupers, Snappers and many more. They range in depths of 40 ft (12.2 m) to 80 ft (24 m) and approximate sizes from 120 ft up to 280 ft. These are perfect for beginners and experienced divers alike, a true must-dive while in Anguilla.

Ida Marie Wreck - Damaged by passing storms, it was originally 120ft long but is more compacted by storms; it sits on the northwest side of Sandy Island. It is located on the reef in 60 ft. of water and has had the bow twisted on its side from a storm.

The Wreck of the Oosterdiep, It's 142 ft and sits at a max depth of 80ft. The remains of a VW car off to its stern. We see garden eels, southern stingrays and a very playful turtle on this wreck.

The Wreck of the Meppel. This HISTORIC WWII SHIP, Played a heroic role in the evacuation of Dunkirk. This 130 foot inter-island freighter M/V “Meppel” – known as The “Hilda” -- arrived at Dunkirk 28 May, put into the beach (her draft was only 8.5 feet), and took on 500 allied troops who waded out. These were delivered to waiting destroyers, then another 400 were shuttled out, and finally that day, 100 serious causalities were shuttled to destroyers. On the 29th, the “Hilda” took on another 600 evacuees, but because of heavy shelling of destroyers, was forced to deliver the troops directly to Dover, in the UK. She returned to Dunkirk on the 31st towing six smaller boats to be used for the evacuation and evacuated another 600 troops to destroyers. Her final pick up was 100 troops on 1 June, but while delivering these troops to the destroyer “Keith,” both the “Keith” and the smaller M/S “Skipjack” were shelled and “Hilda” picked up the survivors from both. Finally, while returning to England, dive bombers sank two smaller private boats (the “Scotia” and “Brighten”) in convoy with “Hilda,” so she also picked up these survivors, Anguilla is. proud to be the final resting place for this heroic little ship and encourages anyone interested to visit this unique dive site.

Kathlee H Wreck. This is Anguilla's only steel freighter wreck site that was not sunk on purpose. This 100ft vessel was in the process of being cleaned up when a fire on board got out of control and was left to burn itself out. However, overnight the wreck sunk in the sandy area outside of Road Bay and only the top of the mast could be seen. The mast was cut off at 30ft so that it would not be a navigation hazard and it became a dive site. Even though there is no reef around it, it has still become a great attraction for the fish. The wreck sits intact and upright on the bottom and ranges in depth from 30 to 60 feet.

The Commerce Wreck. This 99ft long wreck sits in 82ft of water by the stern. It is intact and upright but has received damage due to storms. However, rather than detracting from the dive site it has added a strange eerie feel to this wreck. Some of the biggest lobsters to be found can be seen here with the largest lobster. depending on who is telling the fisherman's tale. This wreck is located on areef and has introduced the larger fish to this area. We often see hog fish, Atlantic spadefish, goat fish, lobster and barracuda

The Wreck of The Lady Vie. Although sunk in the late 1980s, this wreck was lost to us until the end of 2013 when it was rediscovered at a depth of 80 ft. This 127 ft vessel was deliberately sunk and sits totally intact and upright on the bottom. This vessel is also packed full with cars and other items which look totally undisturbed since this vessel was sunk.

The wreck of the Sara. The biggest of the wrecks at 232ft, she was sunk intact and upright in the water. The cargo areas and the hull sit in 80ft of water but the top of the wheelhouse is only 30ft. There was a large goliath grouper in residence, but it has not been seen in a while. The sheer size of this wreck makes it a worthwhile dive.


For those who prefer reefs, we have a wide selection of soft coral reefs ranging in depths from shallow 20 ft (6 m) up to 100 ft (30 m). We are able to offer a wide selection of reefs which offer healthy corals and team with fish. Lastly if you are renting equipment we provide dive computers to maximize dive time.

Wall Dives

We have five wall dives at the off-shore cay’s of Dog Island and Scrub Island. See movie set perfection from the luxury of your own private boat. We visit these secluded island tucked in the tranquility of the Anguillian waters. View the thriving bird and marine life as you descend into the majestic blue waters to dive Anguilla’s premier wall dives, resplendent with Trigger fish, Sharks, Angel fish, Turtles, Barracuda and so much more. Due to location of these sites, we can experience high seas and strong currents. As such, these are weather dependent so we cannot promise this site will be available.

Private Charters Include:

Private Boat with Experienced Captain & Guide.
Complementary Dive & Snorkel Equipment.
Bottled Water, Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke & Beer

All bookings taken as per our Terms and Conditions.