FAMILY FUN SCUBA news in Anguilla

A parent and two children snorkel off the shores of Anguilla in the Caribbean while on vacation

Family Fun = Snorkelling with Scuba Shack

On your trip to Anguilla, snorkelling is a great way to see the underwater world with your kids.

25th Apr 2023

A woman in a scuba mask holds a sea creature during her scuba excursion on the island of Anguilla

Protecting Anguilla's Ocean Ecosystem

Environmental conservation a critical issue for Anguilla's dive community

13th Apr 2023

A man in scuba gear enjoys himself while scuba diving in Anguilla

Explore the Underwater World in Anguilla

Learning to scuba dive in Anguilla is a fun, memorable way to enjoy your stay.

07th Apr 2023