Scuba Play in Pool
( Min age 8 yrs.)

This is conducted in a calm body of water at our shop. We also offer it at our hotel or Villa pool but have a 2 persons min if we come to you. Designed for children as young as 8 yrs of age and up, to try scuba for the first time. They get to try the equipment on and swim around learning new skills while having tons of fun !!!

Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) experience
10ys +
This program designed for individuals who are interested in trying scuba diving for the first time. It's a great way to experience the underwater world under the supervision of a professional. We will provide a brief orientation, introducing you to the basic principles of scuba diving. You'll learn about the equipment used in scuba diving, how it works, and the essential safety guidelines.  
You will have the opportunity to practice a few basic scuba diving skills in the calm area in front of our shop, once mastered you will go on our vessel to shallow guided dive in Little Bay Marine Park to a max depth of 20ft or 6m in this very calm area, as such it's also perfect for snorkelers to join you.


Min Age 10 yrs.

This simple course that enables the student to receive a certification to dive to a Maximum of 40ft with an Instructor. This course consists of the complete PADI Open Water crew pack including ERDP, Academics 1,2,3, confined water training 1,2,3 in our pool and two Open water dives. It can also be upgraded at a later date to full PADI Open Water certification. A child must be 10 years or older and be comfortable in the water, but no prior scuba diving experience is necessary.

This course can be completed in a minimum of two half days including the PADI Discover Scuba dive can be counted as dive number one.

Min Age 10 yrs.

Complete your PADI Open Water certification in less than a week! The Junior Open Water Diver certification is for individuals between the ages of 10 and 14. The Junior Open Water Diver course is similar to the standard Open Water Diver course but with certain depth and supervision restrictions appropriate for younger divers. Age 10-12 is max 40 ft, Age 12-14 60ft max

The Junior Open Water Diver certification allows young individuals to participate in recreational scuba diving under the supervision of a certified adult diver. After reaching the age of 15, the Junior Open Water Diver certification automatically transitions to a regular Open Water Diver certification with no additional training required.

You do the Academics online via Elearning, do your confined water training at our shack in one afternoon session and then complete 4 dives in the ocean over 2 half days, so in under a week, you can become a PADI Jr Open Water Diver.

*Please note : All timeframes are dependent upon successful completion of all components of the course.

Parental Approval is Required for All Courses