The Wreck of The Catheley H

If you’re in Anguilla in October or November, one wreck not to be missed is The Catheley H. This wreck dive isn’t just a wreck – it is teeming with spiny lobsters and octopus, making it an amazing dive for animal encounters as well. A variety of fish can be seen hovering around this wreck, which is partially in-tact. The 100-foot (33 m) Catheley H was severely damaged due to storms, and the fact that this boat was used to burn wood caused the ship to accidentally catch fire. Subsequently, it was deliberately sunk in 1993 near Crocus Bay, East of Sandy Island. The ship sits upright although it is only partially in-tact. There is a cargo cabin at one end, but some of the ship appears to be disintegrating. Rays are usually seen around the wreck as well as various other marine life.