Dog Island

An advanced dive for experienced divers only due to the strong currents that frequent these locations. This is only available as a private charter. It does however offer a large wall and a chance to see one of Anguilla’s beautiful untouched beaches. These dive sites are very weather dependent and can be difficult to dive or even get to during the winter months. The dives are conducted as a private dive charter and you should allow 4 to 6 hrs. We also offer this under our Special Dog Island Dive and Snorkel with lunch.
These sites are both a staff and return divers favourite. We have three dive sites here to choose from. The upper wall starts against an outcrop off Dog Island with a sheer 90ft to 100ft drop. Due to the currents, all three are conducted as a drift dive, but it is home to, Black tip reef sharks, Tiger sharks, Lemon sharks and Nurse Sharks. This site is at the edge of some very deep water that brings Tuna, Tarpon, Yellow tail snapper and grunts abound. The second dive is on the Lower wall that runs southerly and is between 80ft and 45ft and runs along the wall that has reef Sharks, Turtles, Southern Stingrays and Eagle Rays. The third dive is Trigger Alley on the Northeastern side of the Island and starts in 80ft of water and runs along a series of ledges with big schools of fish and of course sharks.