The Wreck of M.V. Meppel “Hilda”

At a of Depth 80 ft. This 127 ft wreck has an impressive history, although deliberately sunk she has an extensively documented history during WW II at Dunkirk. Now she attracts a myriad of marine life. Upright and on the bottom, she provides another excellent wreck dive experience. After visiting the above named wrecks along with the M.V. Lady Vie and the M.V. Meppel, any diver will surely have learned a thing or two about Anguilla’s history–only far outside any traditional school. The underwater classrooms of Anguilla’s shipwrecks teach lessons within a far more interesting environment that sitting at a desk. So pack your fins instead of your textbooks next time you want to learn a thing or two about the history of the wrecks that lie in mighty Caribbean waters!