Scrub Island

Offered only as a private dive charter for advanced and experienced divers only who wish to dive a unique Anguilla dive site. This dive site is weather dependent and can be difficult to dive during the winter months. The dive can be conducted as a private one or two tank dive and is located at Little Scrub an offshore Key on the Eastern End of Anguilla and is generally conducted as a drift dive. There are two dives we offer here, the 1st is a deeper dive that starts at a 80ft to 90ft drop off where we drift along this Island Key through a system of ledgers and huge boulders that form steps, hence the name, we see all types of sharks and colorful fish abound. However that is not all that this site offers, there is a second shallow dive, the boat is anchored between 40ft -60ft and is conducted on the top of the ledge with lots and lots of colorful fish that takes you on a large loop including a cave.