Now days everybody uses dive computers when they dive, so do people still know how to use the dive tables.

I learnt on the RDP when I got certified and then the multilevel wheel for my DiveMaster course.  Later, I used the ERDPml, I am fortunate that as I teach dive tables to students, I never forgotten what I learnt all those yrs ago.

This week while conducting a Open Water Course and teaching the dive tables it occurred to me, how many of the certified divers I see on our boat, can still use any of the dive planners?

Therefore, let me exstend the offer that should any of our divers ever want a refresher on the dive tables,  no matter your certification agency.   I am happy to give you a refresher on them for free, as I have always beleived,  even with dive computers,  it’s an important skill to retain.



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