SCUBA Diving news in Anguilla

Anguilla from above

Anguilla from above

Anguilla Adventures

09th Nov 2023

1st Dive of the Season

Officially OPEN for the 2023-2024 tourism season!!!

Our PADI Dive Resort is Officially OPEN for the 2023-2024 tourism season!!!

03rd Nov 2023

Diving Specials in Anguilla

Diving Specials for August

Save big on Scuba this August

15th Aug 2023

A scuba diver floats in the tranquil underwater world off the shores of Anguilla

Summer Specials at Scuba Shack

Scuba Shack has two great on-island offers to get you diving this summer!

21st Jun 2023

Two divers wave at the camera underwater in Anguilla

Dive into the Deep Blue and Kiss Your Monday Blues Goodbye!

We've got the perfect antidote to transform your Monday blues into a thrilling underwater adventure.

05th Jun 2023

A school of fish swims in front of a shipwreck in Anguilla

Scuba Diving in Anguilla a Truly Captivating Experience.

Dive into a world of colorful tropical fish, graceful sea turtles, and mesmerizing coral formations.

18th May 2023

a sea turtle floats in the Caribbean Sea with two divers featured behind it

Diving in Anguilla is an Awe-Inspiring Activity

Encountering the gentle sea turtle in its natural environment is one that will stay with you for a lifetime

09th May 2023

Smiling faces take a selfie while wearing bathing suits

A Fun Day of Diving

The staff at Scuba Shack are committed to making sure you not only have a great time, but that you do so safely. 

03rd May 2023

Two divers explore a wreck underwater in Anguilla

Your Top Choice for Diving in Anguilla

Scuba Shack is the best pick for underwater activities in Anguilla

20th Apr 2023

A striped fish swims in the clear tranquil waters of Anguilla

Scuba Shack is Proud to be Paperless

Being paperless has made Scuba Shack more eco-friendly, which aligns with the values of many ocean enthusiasts.

17th Apr 2023

A woman in a scuba mask holds a sea creature during her scuba excursion on the island of Anguilla

Protecting Anguilla's Ocean Ecosystem

Environmental conservation a critical issue for Anguilla's dive community

13th Apr 2023

A sea turtle swims in the tranquil blue waters of Anguilla, British West Indies

Tips for Capturing the Perfect Underwater Shot in Anguilla

Anguilla is the perfect place to take your scuba diving photography to the next level.

11th Apr 2023

A man in scuba gear enjoys himself while scuba diving in Anguilla

Explore the Underwater World in Anguilla

Learning to scuba dive in Anguilla is a fun, memorable way to enjoy your stay.

07th Apr 2023