Snorkeling SCUBA news in Anguilla

The shoreline of Anguilla sits along the ocean view while a pelican flies above.

Check Little Bay Off Your List

Little Bay is a popular place to visit while in Anguilla

14th Jul 2023

A fish swims in the waters of Anguilla

The Beautiful Underwater World

Snorkelling with Scuba Shack is a must-do when in Anguilla

05th May 2023

A parent and two children snorkel off the shores of Anguilla in the Caribbean while on vacation

Family Fun = Snorkelling with Scuba Shack

On your trip to Anguilla, snorkelling is a great way to see the underwater world with your kids.

25th Apr 2023

Two divers explore a wreck underwater in Anguilla

Your Top Choice for Diving in Anguilla

Scuba Shack is the best pick for underwater activities in Anguilla

20th Apr 2023

A striped fish swims in the clear tranquil waters of Anguilla

Scuba Shack is Proud to be Paperless

Being paperless has made Scuba Shack more eco-friendly, which aligns with the values of many ocean enthusiasts.

17th Apr 2023

A woman in a scuba mask holds a sea creature during her scuba excursion on the island of Anguilla

Protecting Anguilla's Ocean Ecosystem

Environmental conservation a critical issue for Anguilla's dive community

13th Apr 2023

A sea turtle swims in the tranquil blue waters of Anguilla, British West Indies

Tips for Capturing the Perfect Underwater Shot in Anguilla

Anguilla is the perfect place to take your scuba diving photography to the next level.

11th Apr 2023